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How to find a lawyer when you’ve been injured in a car accident

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When you’ve been injured in a car accident, motorbike accident, or other transport accident, it can be devastating. For some people, it can mean being unable to work, unable to look after their kids, or simply unable to go out and do the things they used to enjoy. And while all this is going on, you can end up under a sea of paperwork – referrals to specialists, TAC letters, and dealing with your insurance.

That’s why it’s so important that you find a car accident lawyer who can help you sort through the mess and understand what’s important – to ensure you get both the treatment you need, and the compensation for your injuries that you’re entitled to.

When you speak to a car accident lawyer, make sure you ask the following questions, to ensure they’re right for you:

1. Will your car accident lawyer run your compensation claim on a no-win no-fee basis?

Most law firms say that they will run your claim on a no-win no-fee basis - but is there a catch? What happens if you fully recover from your injuries, and no longer have a claim? What happens if you just change your mind about wanting to proceed?

Find a lawyer for your car accident injuries who will run your claim completely no-win no-fee and will only charge you for fees if you’re successful in your claim.

2.  Will your lawyer take care of the costs of medical reports or other fees required to run your claim?

Many law firms, even some who advertised as "no-win no-fee" will ask their clients to pay these fees (called “disbursements”) either directly, or by engaging potentially expensive “disbursement funders.”

Find a TAC lawyer who will take care of these costs in-house, so you’re not out of pocket.

3. Can your car accident lawyer help you with understanding TAC letters and emails about your claim?

Your compensation claim might be the most important thing in the long term, but right now, you need your other entitlements protected. If the TAC makes you pay for your physio, denies you ongoing treatment, or pushes you back to work before you’re ready, you need a lawyer in your corner.

Find a lawyer who will help you out both with your compensation claim and any other disputes that might come up along the way.

4. Does your lawyer speak simply, and are they easy to contact?

After chatting with your lawyer, did you understand how the law relates to your claim? Did you understand the lawyer’s plan for your claim? Some clients think they can’t understand because the law is just too complicated – it’s not.

Find a lawyer who can explain your entitlements to you properly.

Also - after your meeting with your lawyer, try to contact them. How long does it take them to get back to you?

Find a lawyer who will give you their direct line – and pick up when you call.

5. Does your lawyer exclusively accept TAC clients rather than trying to be an expert in any number of areas of law?

You wouldn’t want to be operated on by a surgeon who was also a car mechanic, an architect, an accountant, and a hairdresser – you would want to trust your health to someone who committed themselves to learning how to do one thing right, rather than a jack of all trades.

It’s exactly the same for lawyers. Many lawyers will practice not just TAC, but a whole bunch of other areas of law.

Find a transport accident lawyer - a lawyer who knows car accidents, motorbike accidents, other transport accidents and the TAC - and knows it better than anything else.

6. Does your lawyer have a clear plan for running your car accident compensation claim?

After chatting with your lawyer, can they give you a clear outline of how they’d like to see your claim proceed? It can be difficult to predict things like timelines exactly, but your lawyer should be able to give you a feel for how they see your claim progressing, and when you can expect to see an outcome.

Find a lawyer who doesn’t just give vague “maybes,” but has a clear plan for your compensation claim.


Scott Millington is proud to answer “yes” to each of the above questions.

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